Our Approach

Our approach focuses on aligning your direction with a profit optimization strategy balanced with the regulatory and compliance requirements. Similar to an investment strategy, the approach is built to your business risk appetite. As with any investment strategy, the components of your company strategy require strong leadership and the right people assigned. In many cases we find that either no one had been assigned or those people assigned to manage compliance activities have other time-sensitive responsibilities competing for their attention.  Other demanding and urgent priorities frequently take precedence over compliance projects. We all know what happens when you take your eyes off the ball. 

ThoughtKey can help by navigating you through the often hazy waters of payment compliance mandates and industry best practices. Our approach is to understand your key risk concerns and pain paints. Then establish a plan that aligns with your business objectives. An important step in aligning with your business objectives is identifying profit leaks. We believe profit optimization is driven by the right business decisions made up front. Looking to best practices that prepare you for industry changes and innovation further positions you to deal effectively with risk into the fOurApproachDiagram.pnguture.   

Using our proprietary assessment methodology, we work with you to create an ongoing governance program that is based around simple principles.

  • Assess
  • Build
  • Train/Support
  • Implement
  • Monitor

We are here to assist your organization in achieving the minimal level of exposure to risk while optimizing profit opportunities. Our engagements are designed around hourly or fixed fee services manageable within your specific needs and budget.

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