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About Us

AboutUsImage.jpgKeeping up in the payments industry is like riding the ever-changing waves of change. Updates and new requirements continue to emerge, making it difficult for business managers to navigate their way through. ThoughtKey brings deep knowledge and expertise to help steer your business in a positive direction – away from potential hazards and unforeseen obstacles that may siphon off profits and lead to serious risk exposure. 

Our consulting services help businesses minimize their risk exposure and address industry mandates such as:

  • Banking and Payment Industry Regulations
  • Contractual Obligations 
  • Fraud Management
  • Payment Industry Sponsorship Management 
  • PCI Program Management
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation
  • State and Federal Laws

ThoughtKey’s proprietary Strategic Compliance Management Model provides clients an ongoing framework for risk assessment and management activities in your organization. The program is designed to help augment and support regulatory and compliance roles and keep operational procedures in alignment with your business objectives, well after a consulting engagement is completed.    

Businesses may choose from any one or more of three main focus areas: Regulatory Management, Sponsorship Management and Data Security Program. This flexible approach enables businesses to engage ThoughtKey for the specific services your organization needs and ensures that your organization stays on course in the future.



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