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ISO&Agent: PCI Discussion
July/August 2011

 Q: In the center of seemingly unending data breaches and a constantly changing regulatory environment, how can acquirers, ISOs, technology providers and merchants move through the racket and make sense of what the market has to offer?

 A:  Be proactive and educated. When the PCI DSS and related state laws are integrated into a business culture, businesses are best positioned to rationalize through the industry racket (headlines of data breaches and regulatory threats). When establishing a PCI strategy, designate an expert to build the strategy.  Then, leverage reputable online resources to evaluate PCI tools before investing in the products and services. ThoughtKey has recently launched a free PCI resource portal, that can navigate businesses through PCI vendor selection. Acquirer banks, ISOs, and processors can use this resource to help their merchants achieve PCI compliance by identifying technology providers that meet their needs.

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