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ThoughtKey Inc. is a leading consulting firm specializing in strategic advisory and review services for the payment industry. Our approach focuses on aligning your direction with a profit optimization strategy balanced with the regulatory and compliance requirements. Similar to an investment strategy, the approach is built to your business risk appetite.

HomePagewArrows.gifThe payments industry is dynamic. Companies that are nimble enough to follow the rapid pace of change succeed and the rest just get lost in the details. What is the difference between those who succeed and those who lose their way? The two key characteristics of these successful businesses are expert guidance and evolving strategy.

In the payment industry, business owners should view their company strategy similar to a funds investment strategy. Define the risk, then diversify with a constant eye on innovation. Your strategy will vary based on the company risk appetite and market conditions. Efforts to ensure your business follows the strategy can be quickly disrupted by payments industry dangers related to data breaches, fraud, and complex operating rules and regulations. A strategy that evolves with such regulatory and compliance disruptions supported by expert guidance is the key to success.

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Acquirer Level 4 Merchant PCI Study

Results Released from First Industry Survey of Acquirers: Benchmarking Level 4 Merchant PCI Compliance – The Acquirer's Perspective

August 2011
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ISO&Agent: PCI Discussion
July/August 2011
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Point to Point Encryption: Reduce PCI Scope, Protect Cardholder Data and Preserve Profit
June 2011
8 Key Considerations When Selecting a Payment Solution Provider
June 2011
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Susan Matt Honored Cambridge Who's Who
August 2011

Susan M. Matt Recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in Business Consulting


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